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About Us

About Us

Company profile

SHANDONG SUNSHINE TRADE CO., LTD, is located in Weifang City, Shandong Province in China, near Qingdao Port. Which is a professional manufacturer and trading company of all the fitness products. Especially for Power Rack, Weight Bench etc,

Textiles, Accessories are also involved. We have been researching and producing fitness rack, spirit on design, function, production, Each customers are great satisfaction wtih us!

Sourcing agent for customers who handles various industry, helping control after sale in China.

Reliable and Trust is the foudation of our company, Helping customers solve problems, Customers satisfaction is our life long aim.

OUR BRAND CONCEPT--Sunshine in the heart, Darkness never come in!


Sunshine comes from the desire of the founder.

Everyone has a haze in their hearts, sufferings, sorrows or tangled predicaments. We think this is not scary and there is no need to be discouraged. As long as the heart is always full of sunshine, the haze will eventually dissipate. We hope everyone has full of positive energy and faces life positively.

This is also our corporate culture. Every employee actively responds to difficulties, solves difficulties, unites as one, and moves forward with impeccable cohesion.

Our aim is to be the sunshine in the hearts of customers and move forward hand in hand !


Why choose us

We would love to be long term business relationship with our customers ,that’s why Quality is our lifeblood ! No matter when,no matter where, buy from / through us ,you will never worry about quality and After-sales service, only choose which you want ,leave the rest to us!

Technical support- We can convert your ideas and concepts into a real products.

Price- We have our own production line,can provide competitive price.

High quality- raw material,we are using best high strength steel, assemble and inspection before each delivery to make sure all the goods your received is perfect.

OEM service-We can produce the products based on customers requirements.

On-time Delivery- We will arrange productions rationlly,to make sure that goods will be well prepared as scheduled.