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Amazon’s hottest fitness prdoducts in 2022

Amazon’s hottest fitness prdoducts in 2022

In recent years, the scale of China's fitness equipment market has maintained a growing trend, from 36.6 billion yuan in 2016 to 52.6 billion yuan in 2020, with an average annual compound growth rate of 9.49%. It is expected to further increase to 62.1 billion yuan in 2022.

The fitness industry has consistently ranked first in Alibaba's hot industry list

Compared to large and heavyweight fitness equipment, lightweight and affordable gadgets are more suitable for home use and are better in Amazon sales.

Online store sales, selection is very important. For individual end customers, the most important point for online stores is to avoid high express delivery costs. Small size and light weight are particularly important. In addition, the price is moderate and low, which can satisfy the masses.The most important thing is that it must be a hot-selling product, and it is particularly important to sell well

According to the analysis of Alibaba and Amazon platforms, if you also operate an online store, the following products are strongly recommended to be introduced.


Using high quality PVC material ,Eco friendly,no toxic no smell,thickening explosion proof,Strong and durable

Explosion-proof load-bearing:150-200KG

Thickened and upgraded, more load-bearing and more durable, carefully crafted, the sphere will not explode, and it will leak slowly when pierced by sharp objects to protect your safety

Advantage: *applicable to a wide range of people,

*a variety of purposes, small size,

*light weight

• The upper layer adopts high-quality PU leather, which is sweat-absorbing and non-slip, and has a soft feel
• The underlay is made of natural rubber for comfortable cushioning, and the textured non-slip design provides a strong grip
• The surface is added with a wear-resistant layer for a longer service life
• Environmentally friendly and non-toxic glue composite, no crimping, no cracking

Advantage: Small size,light
Easy Selling



• Made of high quality PVC , long service life
• Available in a variety of colours
• stainless steel bearings inside,rope does not wrap around
• Thickened steel wire,covered with high quality PVC,sturdy durable and beautifull
• Comfortable foam handle,Contrast pit strip design, effective non-slip,Especially when you sweat after exercise,This handle is very comfortable
• Simple rope head, easy to adjust the length, adapt to all kinds of people
• Rotation is not entangled, exercise more comfortable

Advantage : Small Size
Price is cheap

Besides of these items,Also have Resistance Bands,Tube Bands,These easy workout no take much space,easy carry items are all sold out.

Post time: Jun-01-2022