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Besides Willliu (Liu Gonghong) ‘s online fitness, the sports industry also has these 5 major development prospects

Besides Willliu (Liu Gonghong) ‘s online fitness, the sports industry also has these 5 major development prospects


The COVID-19 pandemic entered its third year, and the dominant strain of the virus that influenced the global epidemic trend changed from the Delta mutation to the Opmi Kerong strain.

At present, China epidemic situation is still grim, the north, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Jilin Province have been affected by the epidemic to varying degrees, and there are still sporadic cases in various places, which has also directly led to a serious blow to the sports industry. Tournaments are suspended, venues are closed, stay-at-home epidemic prevention… In the context of the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, it has stimulated people’s demand for sports health.

At the same time, the emerging sports scenes represented by online fitness and camping, frisbee and cycling are gradually growing in the new environment, giving birth to many new models and opportunities in the sports industry

Online fitness: Liu Genghong has become synonymous

There is no doubt that Liu Genghong has become synonymous with online fitness, and Liu Qihong’s live broadcast of fitness has immediately become a phenomenon-level topic, harvesting countless traffic and attention.

Sports big business has previously reported that since the outbreak of the epidemic, online live fitness has undergone several rounds of reshuffling, from the initial rush, and now it has returned to rationality, unfortunately, the fitness industry has not been able to appear a phenomenon-level KOL. Liu Genghong’s popularity is undoubtedly a good news for fitness companies. (Extended reading: 10 million fans in 7 days!) Liu Genghong became popular by live fitness broadcasting, and the business logic of fitness is being reshaped)

The emergence of the Phenomenon of Liu Genghong reflects, on the one hand, the needs of people trapped by the epidemic for fitness, and on the other hand, reflects the huge growth potential of the online fitness market.

Under the background of normalization of epidemic prevention and control, more and more people choose a lifestyle that combines online fitness and outdoor sports. The outdoor sports industry is one of the other hot industries that have been “accelerated and catalyzed” by the epidemic. Epidemic prevention and control measures have significantly enhanced the enthusiasm for outdoor sports and accelerated the development of the outdoor industry.

Outdoor sports such as camping, cycling, frisbee and waist flag football are being sought after. In the past Qingming holiday and the upcoming May Day holiday, this kind of sports will become everyone’s first choice.

Post time: Apr-28-2022